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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Blog-i-versary to Me!

I almost let it slip by again this year, but I just remembered to check. My first post here on The M Word was March 27, 2008. So I'm barely in time to wish myself a Happy 2nd Blog-i-versary! Can hardly believe it's been so long...

Back on that date (which may live in infamy), Nancy introduced me, then I made my first brief post.

A few days later--in fact, exactly 2 years ago today--I wrote my first major post, titled "What 'Marketing' Really Means." There, I gave the real definitions for the words Marketing, Public Relations, Publicity, Promotion, Advertising, Branding, and Advocacy. Think you know the difference between them all and understand how they relate to each other? Go back and quiz yourself. Most people misunderstand the terms and therefore misuse the tools. Differentiating these specific processes is the first step in True Marketing.

I also want to remind you that Nancy Dowd started this blog back on April 8, 2006. She shared some of her background in her introductory post. So it's nearly time to wish her a Happy 4th Blog-i-versary!

Nancy, I think that next week we should get together for some "birthday" cake! :-) What do you say??


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~Kathy Dempsey said...

Thanks Amanda!