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Friday, April 18, 2008

Farewell Danny

Not quite library marketing, but Bruce fans will understand...

Danny Federici, the E Street Band's organist and keyboard player, passed away yesterday. I was in college when I first heard him play with Bruce. It wasn't even a live performance and as I recall we played that album (yes, real vinyl) so often that that accordion eventually sounded a bit scratchy. But who cared? Being a child of the 70's, my friends and I lived in the shadow of our older sisters and brothers who sometimes seemed bigger than life with their marches to end the war, love, peace and Woodstock. But when Bruce and the E Street Band came on the scene, they gave us music that we could identify with - we were Jersey girls but more than that, we could identify with the stories they were telling. The band was more like us than the rock icons before them- more about the music than the drugs, more human, authentic, real... and Danny, well what can I say... an Italian keyboardist who played the accordion in a rock band... how could you not love him!

Goodnight sweet one and may flights of angels bring you to your rest.

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