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Friday, March 28, 2008

Knol - Google's reference platform

Another juicy tidbit from iMedia:

"According to Hitwise, 10 percent of Wikipedia's users went straight to Google for an additional search. That's a sizeable number both in terms of total volume and with respect to behavior, since 51 percent of Wikipedia's traffic comes from Google, meaning that many users bounce between searching some version of answers and back again to searching.

While Wikipedia doesn't monetize its site, the exit traffic underscores a larger interest in the reference space. While Wikipedia dominates reference, most major players have looked to build their own reference sites, with varying degrees of success. Most recently, Google said it planned to take a chunk out of reference by launching Knol, a platform designed to match Wikipedia-style scope with encyclopedic credentials with respect to accuracy." Full Post

Photo and more information at SEO Squidoo

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