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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the new marketing mix looks like!

I love when I can read an article in the morning that gets my blood running. This morning the NY Times has a great article about changes that are coming about with the Ad Council's marketing. Great article, read it. (You'll need to sign up for a free subscription)

"The idea is to better reflect the changing media-consumption patterns of the audience the council tries to reach with ads that discourage drunken driving, fight childhood obesity, help veterans of the armed forces readjust to civilian life and promote causes like recycling and preventing forest fires.

“Just like there has been a revolution in how marketers communicate, the same thing has happened to the Ad Council and how we work,” said Susan M. Gianinno, the vice chairwoman of the council. She is also the president and chief executive of the North American operations of the Publicis Worldwide agency, part of the Publicis Groupe."

But what really got me excited was going to the media campaign. OMG- it is exactly where I want to take NJ libraries with our marketing and no doubt where you want to take your library. We've all been talking about the new marketing mix, all of us have been adding the elements that make for a great campaign but Boostup totally nailed it.

Want to see what the new marketing mix looks like? Their campaign is about encouraging students not to drop out of high school. It's cool, it's interactive, it's action driven... They have everything that we've been working at putting together - a base website, YouTube videos, pages on Facebook and Myspace, email and text messaging as a way for friends to support friends. But oh what a look! So take a few minutes to feel inspired and have a great day!

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