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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Libraries are getting on board with Meet Up, Are you?

The hottest thing on the horizon and a great way to hook up with people in your area or other parts of the country, is a network called, "Meet Up".

If you have an interest, find the local group and meet people. Simple, eh?

Look at what towns already have Meet Up groups sponsored by librarians. here

Start your own group here. Take advantage of this opportunity to get involved with other groups that could benefit by using services your library offers.

Update- Thanks for the comment about the fees. It look like it's free if you want to attend meet ups but if you want to start your own, it does cost. Looks like it can range from $19 for one month to $72 for 6 months ($12 a month).

There are plenty of groups to join- here are a few fun ones from my area that would make great networking opportunities ....

The 30 to 40 Something and Beyond Society Hill Book Club
Meet other bright individuals who want to engage in lively and thoughtful conversations about books and ideas. We will provide an inviting, casual, and relaxed atmosphere for people who want to discuss the concepts and themes stimulated by their reading with others. Book club members are encouraged to provide ideas for selections of future monthly

The Northern NJ Language, Food, Culture, and Movies Group
Meet other culture-lovers in this group by joining them in discussions.
Entrepreneurs Financial & Personal Growth Book Club
The purpose of this book club is to help other reach for their dream, start to dream again or take their dreams off the back burner. If you want more out of life and just don't know where to begin, then read your way to success. You can make a difference by partnering with the right people who want to help each other every step of the way.

The Social Bucks County Book/Movie Club
Here's a book/movie club for those of us that live in Bucks county who want to get to know new people that have the same things in common. It's for people who like to read popular books on the best seller's list and who also enjoy going to the movies and later discussing the likes and dislikes, of both or to talk about just about anything else.

Philadelphia Black Film & Theater Meetup Group
This group was created to support film and theater that embrace the Black experience. Events include movies, plays, and shows in the Philadelphia area. It's a great way to support Black art forms, while socializing and networking with other local people

he World Travellers Meetup Group
Are you a World Traveller? It could be across town or the globe. Would like to go to exotic islands for pennies on the dollar? Do you want to travel like the pros and make money at it? Here we will share our travelling experiences and the do's and don'ts. Join and be heard!

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Anonymous said...

I think you should tell people that there is a subscription fee for this. . . kind of misleading.