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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Library Thing

Tim Spaulding – Library thing
About the book you haven’t thrown out- great data can be found in libraries
Long tail marketing – social network – connects people through their interests. More real
Books online- means Amazon is not the end- won’t be the best forever, nor will Google be
Google’s recommendations are not a social network- Library Thing is social creating the real connections based on common interests.

Takes book from commerce to representing the precious things in our lives… this is about what we keep. About the love of books not the selling of books.

An extension might be considered the OneBook program
Library data is interesting and powerful

There is a great untapped resource out there – people who love to do what we call work, as their hobby. And they do it well!!! Use the citizen, This is becoming the mantra for this conference. Socialize is really about putting content in the hands of many…

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