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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


South Carolina ‘s story is one of libraries in many ways… committees, staff changes, direction changes, disbanded committees… seems they really got moving once everything else failed or disbanded. The result is one very incredible website .
They used a software called Joomla. The great thing about this website is that it makes it easy to incorporate all the new social network tools.

Why Joomla?
Open source- price is right!
Easy to use- mange, install, reliable beter than Dupal – too hard and Blogs
Separates content and form
Portable More extensions
Has strong support communities : joomla libraries

Mambo rebranded itself to be Joomla

Need away to integrate catalogue in webpage- embed with wrapper- link to catalogue

Lessons learned- if staff doesn’t review then they may be upset that first day
CMS easier to evaluate e depth
Send administrator away – decrease codependence of staff!
Moved site to new server in 2 hours
Drop down menus across the top
Everything is on CSS
Calendars interactive
Continual content changes
Links to services on the side
2 web managers
25 authors
326 registered members; 130 not approved- they have decided to add citizen and out of state librarians to allow to participate as registered users

Need better ways to manage information.

Catherine- SC process
Static html , table based layout, basic perl script, outdated content, incoherent navigation, inconsistent style, graphically unappealing, no interactivity, scattered pages and growing!

Template: index, template, images, templatedetailsxml

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