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Monday, June 05, 2006

Order it and they will come

A new magazine is being launched today by Condé Nast called Condé Nast Portfolio, with the subtitle Business Intelligence. According to their press page on, it will change the way you look at business.

“Condé Nast Portfolio will feature the high caliber of writing, photography, and design that readers of Condé Nast magazines have come to expect. Early circulation efforts will capitalize on the company’s newsstand authority, and will also take advantage of Condé Nast’s existing relationship with millions of top management readers, as well as the database of American City Business Journals, a unit of Advance Publications.”

Libraries looking to attract business customers may want to take a look at adding it to their collections and jumping on the marketing bandwagon that the launch of a new magazine will bring. Take a look at the NY Times article in this morning’s paper, The Buzz of Magazineland Now Has a Name (free subscription required).

According to the Times, the magazine is Condé Nast’s first into the business arena and they are looking to grab advertising dollars and increase subscriptions. They already claim to have a guaranteed 300,000 subscribers and are guaranteeing 350,00 for the next issue.

“A companion Web site,, starts today as a placeholder and will also go live April 24. The magazine's second issue is to come out in September 2007, with guaranteed circulation of 350,000, and after that it will come out monthly. The company is planning for its circulation to grow to 650,000 in five years.”

That means lots of buzz, lots of attention. As a library that carries the magazine that means you can be on top of a marketing campaign too- basically free. Of course you’ll want to feature it on your website and newsletters maybe even get the publisher to provide some nice glossies for your desks. And of course, you’ll want to piggyback it with all the other services, classes and materiato learn more about cross selling? Take alook at ls you offer business already… you know the gig.

New to marketing and want to learn more about cross selling? Take a look at Jack Aaronson’s blog, Effective Cross-Selling Online. He cover competing, complementary, family and accessory products very nicely.

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