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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My First "Thirteen Things"

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Libragirl said...

I played sardines and kick the can when I was younger then 13.
I never rode a bike, never learned how, but I did roller skate and did that well and never got hurt, I don't understand how since I should have been broken several times over but that is the beauty of youth. Now, I get hurt when I get out of bed.

Thanks for visiting my TT

Nancy Dowd said...

lol - yes those beds can be very dangerous now a days!

Chaotic Mom said...

I've been thinking about this very topic ALL WEEK! I think it's the oncoming of summer that gets me nostalgic. VERY NICE LIST today!!!!!

My T13 is up, too.;)

Jackie said...

Cool idea :)

I never played manhunt but wished I had after son explained what it was to me.

FatedHearts said...

oh #4 is soooo romantic, floating!!hehehehe I also remember #6 when I dance with my dad and used to wear chanel #5 too..hmmmm...

happy T13.

Lifecruiser said...

This was an unusual list... made me to go back in early memories too - and that was a really long time ago ;-)