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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Marketing your library on the tail of a big story

While we all dream of landing a big story that will jettison our library into national coverage there are some behind the scene preparations that will help manage the publicity. From a marketing point of view, a big story that will be posted across the nation calls for two important areas of concern- communication with your customers/press and promotion of your library. I've jotted down a few thoughts. Please feel free to add some of your own!

After a big story breaks, many people will need to be able to reach you. Your local press deserves a story and if you have been submitting stories to them asking to promote your library then it would be highly recommended that you contact them now with the big story. People will be going to your website to make contact. That is where you need to create a page dedicated to communicating and create a link from the front page.

On this page include the following:

  • An official statement (A press release would be really nice too but if you are rushed for time, a simple statement listing the facts will help keep the information consistent and correct.
  • Quotes from the library director and other key players. (You can keep them simple but make sure they address the major areas of concerns rather than "fluff".)
  • The phone numbers and titles of the people you want to speak with the press. (Make sure you call a quick meeting of staff and let them know where the information is located and who you want to serve as your communicators. If it is important to keep on message, request that staff not speak to reporters and have them give the contact person's phone number.

At the risk of sounding like an opportunist, any big news story will bring people both into your library and to your web pages. Consider it an unexpected visit but take a little time to be prepared.

This may be the first time some people have visited your library, what do you want them to know? It may be best to think in terms of why they are coming and let them know about the programs, products or services that would appeal to them.

When your library gains national attention people want to be a part of it, they want to show support. How can they support your library? Should they join the Friends? Buy a t-shirt? Sign a petition? Once you decide, make sure they know how they can do it.

Most of all make sure you get information from them that will allow you to send them additional information like a newsletter. A simple guest book that allows people to sign their name, address and email would suffice. On the web, post a link where they can sign up for more news. The blast of attention will die down rather quickly but once you have their names, you can keep them interested.

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Norma said...

Thanks for visiting my TT.

My marketing idea is for the library to buy some subscriptions to the WSJ for the local coffee shop and have big orange stickers on them with the library's web address, phone number and address, saying "Compliments of. . . come see what else we can do to start your day."