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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is it Fun Day again already?

For something light and fun to do today, go to Blogthings and check out What Your Summer
Ride should be
. They're suggesting my car is a red VW bug convertible. Actually I'm waiting for the Smart car to come out next April. I saw it last year when I was in Paris but when I saw previews from DaVinci Code, it looked like they got a few of them in the background. They are so cool- removable panels, small enough to fit head on in a parallel parking space…


Michael Casey said...

I love the Smart cars. I saw tons in Geneva and have wanted one since.

Amanda Werhane said...

Hi, Nancy - this is a general post about The "M" Word blog.

First, thanks for starting it - I very much appreciate learning about library-related marketing resources, and marketing-related library resources.

Second, you may not be aware of this, but all of your posts are actually showing up as "Untitled" - for example, on this "Leave your comment" page.

I subscribe to your blog feed (, along with a bunch of other blogs, using the "News & Blogs" feature of Mozilla Thunderbird. Unfortunately, all of your posts show up titled "(no subject)", which is a shame, because I often pick and choose what blog posts I'm going to read on a given day, based on the title.

In case you want to use titles: On the "Create" page of the "Posting" tab in Blogger, the "Title" box is at the top of the screen, above "Link." Thanks!

Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks Amanda- I haven't been using the title section but will from now on for sure!!! -Nancy

Steve said...

Mine came up Beetle convertible. My wife said, "chick car, hun."