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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The next marketing trend for social networking

Even though the NY Times is still writing stories that talk about how user generated content is a nighmare for ad agencies, and bloggers are still fighting windmills to retain their unique status as authors of authentic media, the big question for marketers is how do we get the individual social networks to work for us? The hottest trend that successfully addresses that issue is the use of tags through “Tagging contests”. A great one is for Head Automatica – people are given a tag to be used for all their accounts – Flickr,, Newsvine, Youtube, etc.. It’s a great concept that could readily be used in our business as well, especially with teen librarians whose customers all have their own networks in place. If you try it, let me know! I’m looking for articles and blogs that highlight this so please feel free to add them as comments or email them to me and I’ll list them.

Update: May 16 - Pete Bromberg gives a great review of the NY TImes article, Scan This Book, on his blog, The Libray Garden. Check it out- Library Garden: Scan this post. -ND

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