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Thursday, October 04, 2012

70% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween - Promote Your Resources!

According to BigInsights, Americans are looking for a little escapism, and dressing up for Halloween will give them the fun they are seeking. Whenever you see a trend like this it pays to jump onboard and market your resources. All those people will be looking for great ideas and where are they going to get costume ideas? I hope from your library!

Here are some easy ways to market your resources and bring in new folks to your library. 
  • Get the book displays going focusing on costumes
  • Partner with local stores to set up outreach stations - consider giving zombie face painting lessons and handouts with lists of zombie books, face painting books etc. 
  • Post costume, face painting, zombie, horror books on your website. Scatter them throughout with great visuals.
  • Send targeted emails listing creative ideas and links to books and resources
  • Share top trending costumes on social media
  • Pin costume ideas to Pinterest
  • Encourage users to share pictures from the day and host an online Halloween costume contest, let people vote for their favorite
Any other ideas you want to add?

++A quick one from Kathy: You can find the instructions for the pumpkin craft pictured above on this Facebook page.

Top Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets in 2012 – Infographic

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