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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

AMA Covers Library Marketing

I find it exciting that the American Marketing Association decided to run an article about library marketing. Thank you, AMA! Writer Sarah Steimer did many interviews for this article, and she did a nice job of turning a great deal of information into this balanced, complimentary, interesting piece: 
"Libraries Demonstrate How Data Can Supercharge Low-budget Marketing." It appeared on the AMA's website on Feb. 1. 

Steimer spoke to people from Library Journal, major public libraries, vendors, and also with Nancy Dowd, founder of this blog, and with me, Kathy Dempsey, the current blogger here. It was an honor to be interviewed for this piece, along with lots of great marketing minds. The article is a good overview of library marketing, written for other marketers. Read it and tell us if you agree or disagree with the points everyone made. 

You may also want to share the article with your colleagues, administrators, and funders. Some may need to be convinced of the value of marketing in order to fund it; others may not realize what's possible with the latest data-driven tools. 

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