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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let Me Tell You About Merchandising

Digital-screen display at the Library of Congress
Do you wonder what "merchandising" is all about? Do you think it's just for retail stores? Let me set the record straight!

Merchandising isn't just for stores; it's important for all types of libraries too. It can increase your foot traffic and your circulation. It's a great outlet for creative staffers. And it can be really fun!

On August 9, I'll be giving a webinar for the good folks at
As part of their Strategic Library Webinar series, I'll be presenting "Increasing Library Usage Through Strategic Merchandising." 

Learn more about this 1-hour webinar and register here. 

Here's what you'll learn in this fast-paced, super-visual webinar: 
* Why merchandising starts outside of the building 
* The difference between creating displays and doing merchandising 
* Strategies for increasing library usage and circulation  
* Simple, inexpensive, yet effective ways to improve your physical spaces  
* How merchandising, signage, and space design affect the user experience (UX) 

Anyone from around the world is welcome to participate. If you can't attend live on 9 August, you'll be sent a link to the recorded version. So you have no excuses to miss this -- sign up today! I promise it will be both educational and entertaining.

Also, see other archived and upcoming events in the Strategic Library Webinar Series here. Topics range from strategic planning to construction projects to staff competencies. Want to learn the latest? probably has it covered; look over the list.  

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