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Friday, June 10, 2016

New 'Marketer of the Year' Award!

This morning I received very exciting news. Library Ideas, in conjunction with Library Journal, is sponsoring a brand new award: Marketer of the Year!

Library Journal will honor one library staffer or a library team with its first annual Marketer of the Year award in its October 1, 2016, issue. The award, sponsored by Library Ideas, comes with a $2,000 cash prize.
The award recognizes the importance of innovative approaches to marketing of library services, the role of marketing in building library engagement, and the value of quality marketing collateral to help build a vibrant sense of the library and define its relevance in the community. The award places a special emphasis on an individual (or team) working for a library who has instituted or reinvigorated a marketing strategy in the past two years that has:
  • had measurable impact on some aspect of the library’s use,
  • created a new understanding of the community served via market research,
  • improved the prominence of the library in community, and/or
  • driven the marketing around a successful funding initiative that enables the library to reach new audiences or secures deeper sustainability.
Read more details online, and nominate someone by August 1, 2016. I'm so happy to see library marketing getting more recognition and encouragement!  



Library Marketing Design said...

That's great news, Kathy. Like you, I saw that post and am also happy to see people realizing the importance, impact and benefit that good marketing can provide to an institution. The award not only gives libraries a level of quality to strive for, but also helps to provide exposure of inspiring examples to the larger library marketing industry community.

~Kathy Dempsey said...

And the winner is ...
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML), in the city of Charlotte and County of Mecklenburg, North Carolina!
Read all about it in Library Journal: