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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The library redefined: Did she really say that?

I found a great video from CNET to help people learn how to download a free ebook from the library. I was so excited until I played it...

I loved that the reporter created an easy-to-understand video, but what really struck me was the way she positioned the library. Her use of phrases like, "good old days" and "think back to when you were in school" made me cringe. But it's a glaring reminder for libraries to remember different generations have different perceptions. 

Here are two quotes from the video that we may want to pay close attention to and ask ourselves if we're overcoming these objections for this generation? 

  1. "First you have to get off your couch and head out the door to get a library card."
    This is a biggie for lots of people who are accustomed to working online. If they can't get a library card online, they might never get one. Are you providing online registration? Can people access the link from any page? 
  2. "Here's there annoying part though, right now most libraries only have a few copies or licenses of each book, you'll have to think back to your childhood and remember that if someone else checked out your book, you'll have to wait your turn." Ouch! While it's true they have to wait, are you also making sure there are reading recommendations that will attract their attention before they leave your catalog? Are you able to promote some cool program? Think cross-promotion and think of it in the catalog--it may be the only place these users ever go.
If we are serious about getting people to use us online, then we must make it easy for them to do that.

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