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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Columbia's Biblioburro: Now a Docmentary by PBS!!

Watch the full episode. See more POV.

We've talked about the great Biblioburro (donkey library) project here before. Now, it's the subject of a documentary being shown by PBS (public broadcasting TV station)! And YOU can help promote it!

Check the documentary's site, and notice that, on the left side is a link to "Help us promote the film." Everything you need is there -- instructions to embed the video trailer on your website (as I've done here), suggestions for social media, a press release, an email message template, and info on getting a copy to show, free, to your own community. 

The PBS premiere is next week -- Tuesday, July 19 -- so  don't delay! Start talking this up today.

The Biblioburro is a heartwarming, amazing example of how even the smallest libraries can touch and change lives. If nothing else, watch it yourself to get the inspiration you need to continue your own important work. 


ckubala said...

Our library was fortunate to pre-screen BiblioBurro: The Donkey Library this past Tuesday. We had a small audience comprised of 6 adults and 4 children. We were all impressed by the dedication of Soriano, not only in his delivering of books to the children of Colombia, but also in his efforts to teach the children that they are the future of their country and can make changes to its history.

As librarian and observer of the film and audience, I experienced many thoughts while watching. In a post discussion, our children talked about the sorrow expressed by the Colombian children in the death of their loved ones. They also loved the gifts given to Soriano on his travels. We wonder when one will bring our children's librarian a chicken.

Excellent film with much to talk about. Definitely worth the watch.

social media for schools said...

Already watch. Very Interesting. I'll be promoting the video. Boomarked. Thanks