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Monday, June 06, 2011

A Short Interview with a Presentation Expert

I'm getting ready to give a keynote tomorrow for the NJ Library Assistants Association Conference and came across this short clip. In it Mark Ragan interviews presentation expert Tom Mucciolo. Things you probably already know but a nice review.

  • Hand gestures: When you ask the audience a polling questions an  expansive gesture includes the entire audience
  • The last person you look at will be the person who thinks they should answer
  • Careful of "up blocking",the action of blocking the most vulnerable part of your body such as  crossing arms. Keep those arms open - demonstrates your self confidence
  • Use virtual space and move your hands to show how you think
  • Use hands to anchor a point
  • Careful: The time line should be pointed out in reverse so the audience see the natural time line
  • Don't conversationalize your hand gestures -hands can distract.

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