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Monday, June 06, 2011

Director of First Impressions

 I'm really getting excited about tomorrow’s keynote speech for the NJ Library Assistant Association Conference. I was thinking about library assistants and realized how much I hate calling them that. The terms paraprofessional or paralibrarian doesn't do it for me either. Why? Because I think the job stands on it’s own.

Library assistants play an important part of the workings of the library. Public service assistants are usually the first person customers see when they come into the library. Most customers think they are the librarian -even after they say they aren't! 

They set the tone for the library, reinforces the look and feel of the library's brand. Library assistants are knowledgeable of the activities the library offers. They know the latest books and usually know what's hot because they see which books are being checked out. Every time they make a recommendation for a book, suggest a program or talks about volunteer opportunities, they are helping a customer to grow. Depending on the size of the library they can do anything from stacking the shelves to running programs. Sometimes they are the only human connection customers have with the library. And this title includes people who have technical service, automation, administrative and managerial roles as well!

Anyone who looks at the certificate requirements for the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) will get a better idea of the knowledge and expertise library assistants provide to libraries.

Not that I am suggesting we reclassify civil service titles but  I was thinking it's time for some different in-house titles and here's what I've come up with:
  • Director of First Impressions
  • Transformationalist
  • Customer Optimization Specialist
  • Chief Evangelist

Any thoughts are additions?

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