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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New media marketing and Sesame Street

So what can libraries learn from Sesame Street's marketing?
Look how they are using new media to market children's programs - twitter and facebook for the parents; web, podcasts and mobile for the kids. I thought the whole Twitter thing was interesting. My guess was that not too many kids are on Twitter but look at the followers and you can see lots of parents. Sesame Street’s Twitter feed combines trivia about children’s show with messages from the program’s well-known characters. I heard that some high profile people are even retweeting their messages.
And the idea of putting kid's programming on a mobile device? Five year olds might not have their own phone but Mom does! They have a huge following on Facebook and are adding individual pages for some of the more popular characters.

Seasame Street has been successful by providing content that helps parents to do their job better and letting kids to have fun while they learn. Libraries are really good at doing that too and new media allows us to connect the dots between our content and programs. Take a look at the video and think how you can apply the same concepts to what you are already doing.

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