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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nonprofit Tagline Awards Contest Winners

Back in July we told you that the Nonprofit Tagline Awards contest was open. Now we can tell you who won!

2,700 nonprofit taglines were entered in the 2010 competition. A panel of judges selected 70 finalists, then more than 6,100 nonprofit professionals cast votes in the final selection round to end up with 17 winners. Winning taglines are highlighted in this brief video.

Because there are many categories, the winner list is long. You can get all the details here. 

But since you're wondering, the library winner is Edmonton Public Library with the tagline "Spread the words." Judges said, "Edmonton Public Library’s tagline is another example of effective surprise as a familiar saying takes an unexpected turn. Who would have thought that one little 's' could make a tagline sing—and zing?" Congrats, Edmonton!!

There were lots of catchy phrases among the winners. Here are two of my favorites:
Association categoryIndiana State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association—
"E.R. You Watch It... We Live It!"
Civic Benefit category: Drums Not Guns—"Instruments of Mass Percussion"

So, what's your library's tagline? Does it send a clear message? Is it memorable? Does it still represent what you  do, in 2010? Do you even know your tagline? These are small but important parts of your brand and your marketing strategy. Make sure yours represents what your library is all about!

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Anonymous said...

The tag line at the library where I work is "The door to your imagination"...