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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Reasons for College Students to Use Libraries

If you want to give your college students more reasons to use the library, refer them to this post: "85 Reasons to be Thankful for Librarians" from the blog Zen College Life. It seems to be written by a college student, so the reasons are from their peers, not from faculty, parents, librarians, or other people who clearly don't know half as much as teenagers do. **wink** Some of the 85 reasons also pertain to public libraries.

Sure, there are a few silly ones (like #10: Colleges need something to remodel every so often.). But there are also plenty of good points, such as these:

4. Libraries are still repositories for some of the most valuable works of literature in the world.
8. You can’t exactly find periodicals like The New England Journal of Medicine in Barnes and Noble.
29. Despite the advances in computer technology, a human will still find information better than a search engine.
64. Some libraries also hold a limited number of free museum passes that anyone can use.

The comments at the end are also positive. How nice to see something like this coming from outside the profession!

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