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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is Mobile Marketing right for Libraries and Non-profits?

I presented a talk on mobile marketing at Internet Librarian and thought you might want to hear about it as well. I've been talking about MM for quite awhile and think there is some potential for  libraries to take advantage of it. The most popular tools of MM are Voice, Text - SMS, Mobile Web, Mobile Search: Mobile SEO, Mobile Advertising: Web banners on mobile sites, Mobile Publicity:  Target press, Social Networking, Proximity Marketing: Blue Tooth  and Apps. 

I know everyone is really psyched about the iPhone and Blackberry apps. I am too but we've been experimenting with SMS texting because of the cost (we are doing campaigns for as little as $50 a month ) and because it can reach the greatest amount of users. We have 10 libraries that are experimenting with it to develop a communication marketing network with teens, parents, Spanish speaking customers, advocates, and niche groups. So far what we've discovered the toughest part is getting people to sign up. Once we get the sign ups, the rest is fairly easy as long as we have something of value to communicate. 

Of course the reason why I'm so hooked on the idea is that it is two way street. We can communicate to our customers but they can also communicate back. In terms of evaluating services and developing new ideas, it doesn't get better than that. The other huge advantage for libraries and non-profits is that the system is just one big database that allows you to segment your audience from the tiniest niche to the largest groups. And it's easy to use since you work on an online site and send messages from your computer rather than your cell phone. 

The way it works for customers is they text a keyword to a phone number (short code). 

Here in NJ I'm starting a new advocacy campaign that will allow people to text in to get information. Try typing “Champion” to 51684 and you'll be signed up for our champion campaign. We are also using a keyword to allow people to contribute to the book we are compiling this month. (“H2H” to 51684, hit “space” and type your advice.)  The folks for Kingsford just ran a mobile campaign at the Keith Urban World Tour and 530,000 people participated.  Here in NJ I'm starting a new advocacy campaign that will allow people to text in to get information about free cool stuff. If you're interested in this concept and want to talk to me feel free to call me 609-278-2640 x 122.-Nancy

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