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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Good Videos

We just celebrated the winning videos for the State Library's "Tell Us Your Story" contest here in NJ and what an event it was!

A little background... we've spent the past year working with librarians to help them create strategic stories to use for advocacy. We used the key messages outlined in the OCLC report and conducted lots of workshops throughout the year. As the stories were collected we used them to create media releases, commercials, PSAs, promotional boards and booklets shared with elected officials. One part of the campaign was a contest encouraging libraries to create a digital story depicting how their libraries are transforming the lives of their customers. Read details of the campaign and prizes here.

We went all out for the award ceremony with live singers, great awards and lot's of stories. But what were most impressed with were the stories by our libraries. The amazing judges for the contest were Kathy Dempsey, Susan Conlon, Amy Kearns,  Erik Boekesteijn and myself. Erik even filmed a special video congratulating the winners. Hat's off  to the following libraries  for their outstanding participation in the competition:

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