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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NYPL Fights Cutbacks -- And Wins

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The New York Public Library successfully used an online fundraising and advocacy campaign to fight the city’s plan to slash its municipal support by $28 million this year—and now it has won back $23 million in subsidies. Key to the library’s success was an urgent alert message that the institution used to replace what viewers typically see when they visit its main website....

(Make sure to read the first comment under the article -- this surely was not as easy as getting people to write in support of NYPL for a couple weeks.)

Then NYPL thanked its supporters and encouraged donations. Nicely done.

1 comment:

Sabrina Nespeca said...

This is a great idea. Public libraries in our area have not galvanized supporters to keep funds coming. I'm going to pass this article on.