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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How Marketing Can Save You Money

In the latest issue of my Marketing Library Services newsletter, I have an article called "Five Ways You Can Save Money By Marketing." I thought it was important to make this point now. And in fact, yesterday I got a lovely email from a reader saying that she felt the same way, and that the article "really cemented" the way she was thinking about this topic.

It begins like this:

Everyone knows that times are tough now, especially in America but also in other countries that are feeling the effects of the faltering U.S. economy. I’m tired of hearing and thinking about it, as many of you probably are too. But I wanted to address it here in Marketing Library Services because there’s an important message you should hear: When you’re low on money, marketing is one of the last things you should cut from your budget.

You might be shaking your head right now and thinking that either I just made a mistake or that you read that sentence wrong. But no, I meant it. This is the time to do more—and more careful—marketing and promotion than ever before. In fact, if done right, these actions can even help your library save money. Let me explain how.

If you're uncertain about this point, or if you need something to help convince colleagues not to take your marketing money and use it on other things, this might help.

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