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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heard at SXSW... WeFollow Twitter

I just found this post by Darren Waters at about a new directory for Twitter...

Twitter made simpler with WeFollow

While Twitter has been the communications medium of choice at this year's SXSW it has been difficult to sort the signal from the noise because almost everybody here is using the service and there has been a flood of "sxsw" hastags.

WeFollow is a Twitter directory from Kevin Rose, of Digg fame, wihich aims to make finding people, trends, categories a lot simpler on Twitter.

It is completely user-powered, with filters dictated by the number of people who use a particular hash tag.

You can add the tags which relate to you by sending a Tweet to @wefollow with three different hashtags - and that will insert yourself in the directory.

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand has more.

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