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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Internet 2020

My friend Helene Blowers has a great post about the future of the Internet:

"Lee Ranie, Director of the Pew & Internet Life Project, sent me an email (like I assume many people were copied on) yesterday providing a heads up about the Pew latest report on the Future of Internet III. I've only taken a my first cursory glance over the summary and predictions, but what I really thought-provoking are some of the comments shared by leading experts and futurists...
  • "Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy. The Net will wear away institutions that have forgotten how to sound human."
  • "The world will get a nervous system, and that is a big deal."
  • "New methods of securing the true from the false will emerge. The source will become more important than the message."
  • "The internet is like graffiti, only it can be targeted to the right niche.
  • "Transportation will be refined through massive substitution of communication. The current flight to cities will be reversed."
  • "The greatest changes will occur in the arena of trust and human relations."

Read Helene's complete post here

Read the Pew/Internet reports: Future of the Internet I,II,III, Imagining, The Internet here.

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