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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Follow the Shanachies Down Under!

My buddies the Shanachies are taking their library innovation and inspiration Down Under. They've just started ShanachieTour2 in Australia! You can follow along on their blog. (also note the Twitter feed on the right side.) You'll find fun, insightful stuff there (plus all the goodies from their first ShanachieTour across the US last year).

They began in Perth yesterday, and you can follow some of their early adventures on Kathryn Greenhill's way-cool blog, Librarians Matter. Stay tuned for updates on their video blog as they visit libraries across the conti---countr---con--- ummmm.... is Australia a continent or a country? I'll call Sarah and find out. I'll get back to ya on that. [wink]


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Hi Kathy.

I can report that they wowed the crowd this morning at the State Library of Western Australia - despite the sofa being delivered to the wrong floor, the Mac unfriendly environment and Erik declaring at the start that he felt so ill that this may well be the last presentation on Earth.

I loved the way that they "mined" wonderful answers from the audience.

BTW - Australia is all at once a continent, a country, an island and a constitutional monarchy :)

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Thanks for the report, Kathryn!! Glad the guys pulled it off despite the many challenges.

And while I do pride myself on being somewhat smarter than former (thankfully!!) US vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin (who thought Africa was a country, not a continent), I didn't know Australia was a constitutional monarchy! In fact, I don't even know what that is -- but you have made me curious enough to look it up! (Or maybe I'll just go see Hugh Jackman's new movie. ;-> )