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Friday, August 01, 2008

Bad economic times? We're here....

What does "bad economic times" mean for your community? My guess is whatever these new needs are, your library is in the position to help out. Here are some places people may be hurting

High gas prices - they will go higher- maybe it's time to add that kiosk at the grocery store, are there any car pooling social network sites from your area that people need to know about?

New or temporary homeless or hungry- people are loosing their homes and some people are just falling hard enough to be pushed down to the next level or maybe they just need a meal for their family ... a meeting I attended at ALA suggested libraries have lists of the agencies that, shelters, foodbanks, etc that people may need, ma=ybe you may want to print them up and leave them out so people can take them without having to ask.

Commuters might be sacrificing their audiobooks- time to make up some PSAs for local radio stations about your free audio books- and if iPod users can download- make sure you say so...

The list is endless- you are welcome to add your own. The point is, bad economics hits every member of your community, the question is - are you asking them what they need and figuring out which areas you can help solve those problems?

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