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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

DOK Rock Stars :-)

The anticipation is building... our "Dutch Guys" are charming every woman in the place and even the guys are excited....Okay, so I know this is about learning and building career skills and all that but when you have "Rock Stars" in the house, everyone is a groupie :-)

"They are characters to say the least." -Jane Dysart

"Trust the Internet" so says the man in the street dressed as the Statue of Liberty" - Miss Liberty

Mobile studio to help kids learn to make stories- proves you can create a lot of interest in a short time.

“The universe is made of stories not of atoms” – sign in NYC

About Paul H – [from me] how I love delightful conversationalists!

“I want to you to come to NY to come to oxygenate NYPL. My role is to make the lions roar, the building levitate. ” –Paul H.

Good Question by Paul: Do libraries need to take over the role that schools are not doing?

Charlotte /Mecklenburg

“Imaginon” Publishing your own content:
The Dutch Guys were impressed about the vision of the library

How does Matt see the future of libraries?
“I don’t see the death of the book coming- the format may change. Book verses technology- containers - what s the best way to distribute that culture.. think of the best container to convey the culture and information. Of course economic forces will play a role.

Libraries are community innovation centers where people come to learn about things. “

Update- now that Kindle has been launched will there be the death of a book? Unless they make Kindles waterproof, kid proofed etc… the book will be needed. As more people move toward Kindle it will impact the medium.

How to promote the immeasurable- they do measure door count but also the creative things that come out of it. The best way to do that is to tell stories about the experience- Exit programs – show those programs – they make the “wow” .

If you were to build a new library would you still create space for stories? Yes open environment because technology changes and they need flexibility to change with that growth. Should make sure you have plenty of spots to plug into.

Future Librarians – Michael Stephens

Wish for the future: Collections and services for all age groups- YA specialist. YA can easily get lost because people may be afraid of those things they are involved in like social networks. Find what they need without fear of being thrown out.

The library of the future will encourage my heart - that will inspire me. I charge all the students to go forth with the vision to break down barriers and create access.

In the Netherlands fewer and fewer people are entering the field.

Internet – is a competitor or tool?

Mission of Google- we should know what is going on in the world.

What skills should librarians have? The ability to adapt to change- and that got a round of applause!

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