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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Your 10 reasons needed

I'm putting together a new video and I need YOUR
1. Ten reasons why libraries are better than buying and you can't use "free"
2. Ten reason why you love your library.

You can post as comments or email me at Pass the word, I need lots of answers!!!!

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Anonymous said...

10 reasons I love my library:

1) They know what books I like and can make recommendations for new authors/titles that are right up my alley

2) It breathes knowledge! You can feel it seeping into you when you walk in the door

3) Serendipity: finding what I didn't even know I needed or wanted

4) Comfy chairs for cozy reading

5) The world at my fingertips: they can get what they don't have

6) Environmentally sound: sharing resources instead of duplicating them

7) Lifelong learning: I love crafts of all kinds and can always find how-to books and videos that help me create

8) Lifelong planning: different stages in life require different information (college, parenting, careers, retirement) and I can always find helpful resouces to get me through each stage

9) The flexibility of renewing materials if I haven't had a chance to get to them yet (and being able to do so online!)

10) Seeing the stack of books and audiobooks on hold for me that will ensure the next week or so is thrilling, fun, scary, joyful and enlightening.

Laura said...

Two reasons why the library is better than buying:

1 - I don't have to find room for that book or DVD on my personal shelves.

2 - If I don't like the product, I don't feel like I've wasted money on something I will never use again.

Michelle McLean said...

11 reasons better than buying:
1. If you don't like it you can return it without a receipt.
2. You don't need lots of bookshelf space at home.
3. You can find out what other people are reading.
4. You can safely try something new without financial commitment.
5. You are not limited financially to what you can take.
6. Don't have to hassle about finding parking to get to the bookshop.
7. You can read in the library without having to take the book/item home.
8. There are other things you can do at the library.
9. You can bring the whole family and spend lots of time browsing without someone getting bored.
10. The staff are knowledgeable and know your preferences.
11. Wider range of offerings.

10 reasons I love my library
1. Comforting and comfortable local space.
2. Wide variety of items to borrow.
3. Wide variety of subjects covered.
4. Offer a wide range of services for all ages.
5. FREE!
6. Helpful and friendly staff.
7. Easily accessible in terms of location and hours.
8. Offers great virtual services, in terms of electronic resources and access.
9. They have all my favourite authors.
10. They can refer me to new ones to try.

Nancy Dowd said...

I'm loving these reasons! I've also been getting lots of emails.If you are thinking about your list be sure to send them the more ideas, the better the video will be.

As marketers, I think you're going to love what I am going to do with them and you'll be the first ones to see the results!

Danie K. said...

Reasons a library is better than buying:

1)Don't have to worry about what to do with the book when you have finished it.

2)Instant and on-hand customer service and help (not to mention knowledgeable staff)

3)No pressure, I don't have to decide what I want before I go in

4)Kid friendly - don't have to tell them no when they ask if they can take the book home

5)Computer access! I can look up an author and then search the shelves without ever having to leave!

6)Friendly atmosphere to work, read or meet