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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sell that poster!

So you've designed a really cool poster for a major event and everyone even says how cool it is... why not print up enough copies to sell?
Take a look at at the Henry Miller Library's set up selling posters from their big 2006 event featuring Henry Rollins (pictured left) using Pay Pal. here.

Sure you could earn a few extra dollars but it isn't so much about making money as it is about making your library the fabric of your customers' lives- whether the posters are framed and hung in living rooms or tacked up in a bedroom, the idea is to have bring your library into their homes. Now that is what we call successful marketing!

Better yet.... open your doors to special events. The Henry Miller Library promotes the concept. details here. I love the stage set up with the books and typewriter. Great example of incorporating who they are into what they are doing.

Actually I came across the library when I was researching videos for my other blog (Best of Library Videos) and came across a wedding video that was held here. Of course you may not have the ability to open your library to full time use but why not develop a plan with guidelines that would attract events that fit the personality of your library? The larger magnificent libraries are idea for corporate or high profile community events and the smaller libraries with quaint gardens might e a great backdrop for small garden parties. Put your creative mind t work and you'll come up with other ideas. And remember, we aren't talking about offering just your meeting room, but the whole library.

Here's the video I was talking about... Henry Miller Wedding Library wedding

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