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Friday, December 15, 2006

Libraries are lov'in videos and why not?

I guess you all are getting the idea that my newest kick is video... easy and eye catching and can reach millions of people without costing a dime to distribute... what's not to like? There are lots of commericals - Lexington went all out take a look .... Everyone has heard about Denver Library s conducting a YouTube Contest. Here in NJ Judy Mac over at Ocean County Library is hosting a Meet the Film Maker Program. Very cool.

Here's one from Kentucky that I love... they actually produced two and posted them to YouTube.

Lots of other great ideas are surfacing... we even have a little surprise in store for you at Blakes Blog here at the State Library- I'll keep you posted on that. I am working on creating a tour of the State Library and a statewide campaign that will use Youtube commercials focusing on the a great theme- more about that very soon. It is gong to be lots of fun. Meanwhile if your library is doing something with videos I'd love to hear about it. Email me at -

Also make sure you upload yor videos to Youtube AND Google.

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Daniel said...

Documents librarians are beginning to use the power of YouTube and other video sites as well. Check out two videos as well as some resources to help people get started producing documents videos of their own.