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Monday, November 27, 2006

A simply idea to use to market your library

How are you using to market your library? Joan Divor from Burlington County Library is sharing her list with local businesses. This comes from her newsletter:

NEW: It’s on the BCLS Business Gateway!
Want to see the web sites I like for business research? As a professional business researcher, I keep track of my favorite web sites by keeping them on - a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Putting my bookmarks on means I can share them with you. See my list of bookmarks, organized by topical “tags,” on the right-hand side of the BCLS Business Gateway home page:


M. Riggs said...

Here are two more options for getting your library news out there. One is a firefox extension tool called NP Highligter, from NP is a social networking cum news service , and the tool allows Firefox users to download a toolbar button. Then just cruise to a news story, highlight part of it (click and drag) then click on the NP button in your toolbar. Once you have register with NP, this handy little thing allows you to highlight the story, amend a headline and write a proper blog entry, then publish the item to one or several specified blogs. I use it often on two blogs- it also publishes to, and attributes the source of the story in via a link that usually says source. The tool is free, and you always get a certain number of readers. Also, you can add other people's stories to a favorites list , get email letting you know about new posts, and there are other features as well. It is free, and very useful, but only works with Firefox. I don't know if it works with beta blogger blogs. Another extremely useful tool is called It is a free service , and furl stands for find that url. After registering for an account, Furl allows you to "Furl" web pages, which means not only do you store the link and whatever commentary you want to make on it, but you also store your own copy of the web page in your own archive, which you can make public or private. Other users have the option of reading your furlings, and if they like them , furling them also. This spreads the word quickly. What is very handy is that furl allows you to design your own categories, to write fairly extensive comments, and most importantly, it actually keeps a copy of the web page for you. This is very important for professional researchers because you don't have to worry about links disappearing over time. And your collection of web pages is searchable by key words. I might not have the link right for Now Public- and while I don't usually uncritically recommend this- just google it. Furl is

Nancy Dowd said...

Excellent suggestions. I am using Safari but looking into FireFox and this might be very helpful.-Nancy