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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Branding manual

Sarah Booth, Marketing and Programming Coordinator for the Harris County Public Library System, has shared they they have just developed their own brand manual for their library system. In addition, they conducted 10 different staff workshops to introduce the manual and to explain why branding is so important to libraries! One of their main goals in this branding campaign was to strengthen their identity because so many people confuse them with the city library.

Susan wrote, "I was thrilled when the Houston Business Journal picked up our press release for the Brand Manual! We really need to be viewed as a type of business' think all libraries need to adapt good business practices such as branding, as well as be proactive in making libraries viable resources for the community."

She sent over a copy of the manual and they really did a fabulous job. The nearly 80 page manual includes all the elements needed to ensure consistent branding- including their mission statement and core values, official colors and typography, proper usage of the logo and samples of posters, flyers and stationary. Texas is lucky to have them!


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