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Monday, July 10, 2006

We're back!

With Gov. Corzine signing the budget, the State Library's doors were open today and we were all glad to get back to normal - although I think we all enjoyed having the time off! My head is still spinning from the ALA Conference. I am coming away with some great ideas. My first is start a new group. The M-Group members will be all those in NJ libraries who are working to market their libraries. I'll talk about it more in a couple of days but the key is that we need to have an open path of communication both to let you know about exciting opportunity coming from the State library but also for all of us to share what is working that could be replicated, help with marketing and design problems and feedback on potential ideas. This was an idea that I first talked about with a group from NJLA and having returned from ALA I am convinced we need to start right away!

If you have some extra time, take a look at the article in the NY Times, Producers Use the Web to Romance Audience and Bring Them Back, (free subscription required) about how Broadway is using WOM marketing to fill their seats. They are using many of the methods libraries have access to: e-mail blasts, Web sites, banner ads, search-engine pop-ups and blog coverage. but what caught my eye was that one theater actually sent out tickets to bloggers to try to get the WOM going... That's exciting for all my fellow bloggers. I wonder if Bruce wants to give away some tickets.. I'd spread the word about how god his concerts are!!! lol

If you haven't checked out all the pictures on Flickr from the conference, do so. Mine are linked to the left. From there do a search and you'll see there are tons listed! I've also posted a few new shots of NJ libraries- take a look. If you want to send me pictures from your libraries, I'll post them as well. I you have people in them, please make sure they sign a photo release. If that's too complicated just keep to the backs of the heads and you should be safe!

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