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Monday, June 26, 2006

Insights shared at Marketing is Everyone’s Job @your library

word of mouth marketing; library marketing;

Three simple words…. Plan, plan, plan.

WOM marketing verses word of mouth is conscious, organized and consistent.

WOM you need a plan, good product, clear memorable message, a prepared and committed sales force and people willing to testify.

They said sales force- not me!

Remember all marketing is “user driven”. It isn’t about how the library can change your life it is about changing your life at the library.

Neat message one library used: Libraries? Yes!

The way to get staff on board is to give them the tools- offer training and give them the information they need to share the message

Marketing is the next logical extension of good customer service

Consider offering training for media and presentation skills

If you really want to incorporate marketing then consider adding it to your job descriptions and allocating specific time for outreach.

Plans- create a communications plan and marketing plan – they will keep you focused and on track

You can’t do it all at once but it can all be done eventually

Evaluate your outcomes and make adjustments accordingly.

Additional information:
ALA A communication handbook for libraries
The Secrets of WOM Marketing by Silverman

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