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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Getting Lost on a Saturday Morning

So I sat down at my computer this morning “for a few minutes” to catch up on a few a library blogs.

I start off with a click onto the Library Garden because I love their posts and for the most part they are fairly short, so one quick read and I’ll be done. No way.

Although Pete Bromberg's post was short he gave a link to The Hyperlinked Society Conference put on by the Annenberg Public Policy Center and then from there I had to click through to Nicholas Carr’s blog, Rough Shot, to read his posting about the Myth of Wiki’s. It was so captivating that I just kept going from there…. visiting a few blogs that were a little bizarre and then back to The M Word to click onto Jill Stover’s, Library Marketing blog where I find out she’s pondering whether her need to post will put her readers into overload (don’t worry about that Jill, your posts are usually so informative and well written that for many they are like a cup of their favorite coffee in the morning!). A stop over to Pegasus to hear about Goggle’s spreadsheet (sounds like a great idea) and then onto to Stephen Lighthouse where Abrams just about kills my whole day with his posting. The thing about Abrams is that he has a way of writing short posts that lead to links that I could read for an entire day and thus after starting to read the first few pages of ILO's International Labour Conference report "Changing Patterns in the World of Work, I looked outside, noted the blue skies and the canoe calling my name and put it all aside for another time. Time? Two hours later….


Iris said...

Tee hee hee. I know how it goes. :)

Nancy Dowd said...


Jill said...

You are too kind, Nancy. Thanks for the nice words. :-D

Nancy Dowd said...

...kind but oh so true!