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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Learn About Merchandising

Library Journal recently published an article that's chock-full of good info about merchandising. Find it here. 

bundles of children's books tied together and displayed on tiered shelving
"Book bundles" can speed
 transactions and increase circ.

Author Erica Freudenberger pulled together a great deal of information and advice from many people in the field -- including Yours Truly. (My first comment comes just after the subheading, Start at the Welcome Mat, and more of my recommendations are sprinkled throughout the article.)

LJ even used some of my merchandising photos, including the one you see here. 

However, merchandising is about much more than just nice-looking displays. It affects your library's brand. It can increase circulation. It can heighten the user experience. 

The Dec. 30 feature article has lots of good advice, and so do I. I've been giving webinars and conference sessions on merchandising for years, and they're always very popular and well-attended. 

I can help your library take its merchandising to the next level. Contact me to schedule a workshop or webinar!  

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