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Friday, November 30, 2012

MORE Gift Ideas for Library Lovers

You know how it goes: As soon as you think you're finished putting a list together, you find more things you could have added. So it is with the library gift list that I posted last week. I just spotted a few items in a Signals catalog that were so cool, I had to add them.

If you have friends who keep saying they'd like one of those old-fashioned card catalogs to store things in at home, I've found one. You can buy this one new (no skulking around libraries asking if they're willing to sell their old ones). It's made to store CDs, but of course you could use the drawers for other things. There's a 12-drawer model for $200 and a 24-drawer model for $270.

Exclusive Shirts
This Signals catalog claims that these two shirts are exclusive to their company. So if you want to get a shirt that nobody else in your town is wearing yet, check these out.

Pretty cool, huh? 

How can this not make you hungry for knowledge or entertainment?

In both cases, the T-shirt version costs $20 and the Sweatshirt version costs $30. I like them because they say great things about libraries and make them seem fun and interesting. With these, you can be promoting libraries simply by wearing them out in public! And they'd probably be good conversation-starters too. (I've written about using t-shirts to promote libraries before.)

If you have any super-fun gift ideas, share them in the comments!


Cynthia W said...

I can't seem to connect to the website right now to share a link but there is a perfume shop in New York called CB I Hate Perfume. The perfumer, Christopher Brosius makes a perfume called "In the Library". I've always wanted a bottle.

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Yes, Cynthia, I've seen that too. I think we had a post about it way back, but must not have tagged it b/c I can't find it now.

I did find the perfume's website though: