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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Join Kathy's Audio Conference on Marketing Plans

Hi everyone; Kathy here. I'm honored to have been asked to speak in an audio conference put on by The Education Institute in Canada. However, it's not for Canadians only! You can call in from the U.S. too. 

As part of EI's "Conversations with Leaders" series, I'll be interviewed about Marketing Plans. The call is next Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 2pm Eastern Time. The cost per "site" (many people can listen in at each paid site) is $54 for EI members and $74 for non-members. A bargain compared to travelling and paying for a full workshop! All the details are here.  

Attendees will get a handout and will have the opportunity to ask questions. Hope to "hear" you there next Tuesday! 

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