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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Would Your Library Score on an Audit?

The word "audit" is scary to some of us... yet, it really just means "evaluation." It's important to evaluate many things at regular intervals in order to make sure you're on target, meeting goals, or providing valid services. 

Here's a new post from Go-To-Market Strategies on a "Brand Audit." There are only 7 questions. How does your library rate?

Scroll to the bottom to see a bunch of other brand-related articles. There's also an offer for a Marketing Plan Audit Template, which you can download for $14.95. 

Then there's another free article from Go-To-Market on "How to Audit Your Website Like a Visitor." 

Do these evaluations and see how you rate. The results should show you just what areas need improvement. 

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