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Monday, October 11, 2010

Make Digital Signage Work for You

Is your library getting the most from your digital signage? The idea of using a visual application to post lines of text about upcoming events defeats the purpose of having a visual display! Think in terms of creating an exciting customer experience. I love this post from the Retail Guru, Make Digital Retail Signage Work for You and Increase Retail Sales.

According to the post, your digital retail signage needs to show an understanding of your customer base and its needs, or it won't succeed. Start by identifying your customer, then design content that will speak directly to that person.

A recent guide from Digital Signage Today (DST) suggested a two-pronged approach:

1. Marketing

  • Post entertainment stories, news, and lifestyle messaging to enhance the customer experience.
  • Be creative, subtle, and informative – tell customers how to use a product or how the product will make their life easier.
  • Throw some direct pitches about upcoming events or new items

2. Information

  • Incorporate a news feed with weather, headlines and sports scores.
  • Help direct customers to other areas of the store.
  • Include information on local community happenings and events

If you understand who you are talking to, you can create the right balance of relevant information and product promotion. People will be engaged, will have a better experience in your stores, and will very likely become regular customer.

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