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Monday, August 30, 2010

Enter to Win a JCD Award by December 4

Almost as if on cue, just after I posted the pictures of the 2010 John Cotton Dana Awards, I got the press release with details about entering the 2011 contest! Here it is:
Entries for the 64th John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award are being accepted now through Dec. 4 by the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA).
Inaugurated in 1946, the John Cotton Dana Award honors outstanding library public relations programs that support a specific project, goal or activity, or a sustained, ongoing program (e.g. the promotion of a summer reading program, a year-long centennial celebration, fundraising for a new college library, an awareness campaign or an innovative partnership in the community). Winning entries receive $5,000 for their organizations, courtesy of the award’s sponsor, the H.W. Wilson Company.
“We encourage all libraries regardless of their size or budget to consider applying for the John Cotton Dana Award. Wonderful things are happening across this country and internationally that should be shared with everyone,” said Kim Terry, chair of LLAMA’s John Cotton Dana Committee. “Campaigns that win this prestigious award are those that implement a thoroughly creative plan that communicates the many valuable services and programs provided by libraries to meet the increasing needs of their customers.”
The contest is open to all libraries and agencies that promote library service. Entries can be for calendar year 2010 (January-December), school year 2009-2010 (Fall-Spring) or any special project that ends in 2010.
For an entry form, checklist, guidelines and tips, visit the H.W. Wilson web site at
John Cotton Dana (1856 -1929) was a highly influential American librarian and museum director whose main objective was to make the library relevant to the daily lives of the citizens and to promote the benefits of reading. He was a public librarian for forty years and an early president of the ALA.
While the December 4 deadline may seem far off, we'd encourage you to start now. The application calls for lots of detailed information, along with samples of work from your campaign. Most entries end up as a large binder or portfolio. In fact, going through all the steps of the entry process is a great lesson in proper marketing tactics. You can find extra tips in this article. 
Prepare your entry, and maybe your picture will appear here next year with the other 2011 winners!

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