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Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Tiny Brochure Packs a Big Punch

I'm happy to report that the wallet-sized, folded brochures called Quotable Facts About America's Libraries has been updated for 2010. Get some today, make them available to all staff members, and ask each person to memorize one or two quotes that they can use at every opportunity.

My old favorite is still on this year's list: "There are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the U.S.—a total of 16,604 including branches." I can't tell you how many times I've told that to laypeople and watched their eyebrows raise or their jaws drop. I think my new shocker might be this: "Americans spend more than twice as much on candy as they do on public libraries." These are easy to remember and use on an everyday basis.

You can buy them at the ALA Store, order them anytime, or even download and print them from the website. They come in English or Spanish. This site suggests that you drop some off brochures off during legislative visits. Brilliant!

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