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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grocery Store Advertising

Calgary Public Library does it again. Those Canadians ... they are always so creative. This time they've put their ads right in the grocery stores. Great idea!!

Erik and Jaap had told us of how DOK advertises in grocery stores as well. I so love this idea and would absolutely like to use a form of it here in NJ.If you've used creative outlets for ads, please share with us!

"Calgary's public libraries are trying to catch the attention of supermarket shoppers by placing advertisements right in with the bananas and pastrami.

New library ads have made their way into the produce and deli departments of 10 Real Canadian Superstores across the city. The slogan for the campaign is "Everything you're into," and the advertisements feature lines such as "from barbecue to bull riding" and "from ham to Hamlet."

It's a unique campaign, said April Ganger, who works with the Calgary Public Library's marketing department.

"We were trying to have that guerilla impact," she said.

"People's perceptions of public libraries is really solid and really hard to break. And we're working toward that, to try and break that. To make you re-think your library, make you think that this could be a fun place to come. And that you'd put it on your top list, and it would be something you would do. It's not just for quiet study and researching anymore. "


Unknown said...

I wonder what it would take to get some of the grocery chains to allow us to post similar advertising. And who I would need to talk to to do so.

I like it!

Nancy Dowd said...

For local libraries there are great opportunities to put displays in privately owned stores. But don't limit your ideas to grocery stores. The key to this is to make a connection between the store and your library. I like the idea of putting ads in retail as well.Wouldn't it be great to promote fashion related programs in dressing rooms; health related programs and materials in health food stores. The connection has to be clear to the consumer though. In turn, set up a rack holder for brochures or cards for the businesses that participate.

Anonymous said...

In Evanston IL, our Friends group has used a "window book" campaign to raise library awareness. It was incredibly successful. Here's a link that explains it:

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Dear Anonymous from Evanston: cool project; thanks for the link!