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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beautiful Library Calendars

Do you need a great gift for a colleague, library lover, or bibliophile? One of the best I've come across is the Renaissance Library Calendar from ISIM in Stockholm. The group is set up to take orders from the US or Europe.

The calendar contains 12 of the most beautiful and famous old libraries in the world. With the 2010 edition we celebrate the 10th year with this unique calendar. The front cover of the 2010 edition of the calendar shows the Vyssi Brod Abbey Library, Theological Hall (1750), in Vyssi Brod, Czech Republic.

I have ordered these before and they are really quite beautiful. Price depends partly on quantity ordered, and runs from $13.95 US for one to $12.00 US each for 50. (Then add shipping, which is specified on the site.) When I bought them they arrived in perfect condition.

The organization that produces these products goes by ISIM: Information Strategy & Information Management. "We are an information strategy and information management consultancy, and a small publishing company, based in Sollentuna, a suburb of Stockholm, in Sweden."

ISIM also sells library posters and greeting cards. It will sell in bulk so you can use the products for fundraising, and when you do this you can even customize the calendars with your logo and more. Check it out today!


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to these calendars? I can't find any beyond 2010 :(

~Kathy Dempsey said...

I have looked for them recently too (when I just posted gift ideas). I have not found them either; it seems that they are no longer published. That's sad, because they were both lovely and practical.