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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Free personal outsourcing?

This video advertises a bestselling book that your customers would love to read. You're already posting book covers on your websites why not bring it up a notch? These type of videos are all over the place and are great eye candy for you customers. Saves you time and since they are already made and ready to embed. Add a link to reserve the book online so it saves your customer time too. You both get closer to a four hour work week. :-)

Whenever a book like this makes it to the NY Times best selling list there’s a great opportunity to use the buzzwords for your services. This particular books talks about solutions for busy people that include “personal outsourcing”, “ROI- 400-500%” and “cultivating selective ignorance”. These phrases can automatically become keywords in media releases, Google ads, and spoken by staff.

Sample key messages:
Libraries provide free personal outsourcing for busy people.
Your libraries can help you get a 400 % ROI on your research. Everything can be done online and it saves gas money too.

I love Tim's suggestion to manage email and may even try it out!

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